Resident Info

Paying Rent

  • We prefer residents pay rent online by bank transfer (free), debit card ($4.95 fee) or credit card (2.95% fee) via the Resident Portal
  • Payments by paper check or money order incur a $10 processing fee.

Lease Renewal and Move-out Procedures:

  • Approximately 45 days before the end of your lease term, we will notify you of the options to renew your lease and any changes in rent and/or fees. After you inform us which option you choose, we will email you a link to sign the new lease electronically via Docusign.
  • Residents who intend to move-out must provide 30 days notice in writing (letter, fax or email). Once we receive a resident's notice, we will send an email with detailed move-out instructions. If all instructions are followed, the security deposit will be returned within 30 days of the move-out date, less any outstanding rent, fees or charges due.

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Service Provider Contact Info:

Utilities Contact Info:

City of Cincinnati:

  • Main: 513-861-8970
  • Non-Emergency Police: 513-765-1212
  • Non-Emergency Fire: 513-352-6220
  • Trash: 513-591-6000
  • Website:

City of Reading:

  • Main: 513-733-3725
  • Non-Emergency Police: 513-733-4122
  • Non-Emergency Fire: 513-733-5537
  • Website:

Colerain Township:

  • Main: 513-385-7500
  • Non-Emergency Police: 513-385-7504
  • Non-Emergency Fire: 513-825-6143
  • Website:

Springfield Township:

  • Main: 513-522-1410
  • Non-Emergency Police: 513-729-1300
  • Non-Emergency Fire: 513-521-7578
  • Website:

Public Schools:

  • Cincinnati: 513-363-0000
  • Reading: 513-554-1800
  • Northwest: 513-923-1000