Rental Criteria

Our application approval process is designed to be flexible and considers the Applicant's current circumstances to be the most important. Each application is scored based on a variety of criteria, including:

1. Rental history
2. Job history and income
3. Credit worthiness
4. Criminal background and other behavioral factors

Lack of rental history, an eviction, less than ideal job history, and/or poor credit does not necessarily result in rejection of the application. However, we may require a co-signer, prepaid last month's rent, and/or enrollment in the Rent from Payroll program. We have few criteria that result in automatic rejection, but there are some things we can't overlook…

Factors causing Automatic Rejection:
1. False information on the application
2. Conviction for any violent felony, drug trafficking, or sexual crime. Outstanding arrest warrant or pending criminal charges.
3. Net (take home) monthly income less than 2 times the rent amount.
4. More than 1 eviction in the last 2 years, or more than 2 evictions in the last 7 years.

If you have any questions about our rental criteria or how they would apply your circumstances, please contact us.


Downloadable Forms:

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Automated Rent Deduction from Payroll