Rental Criteria

Each application is scored based on a variety of criteria, including:

1. Rental history
2. Job history and income
3. Credit worthiness
4. Criminal background and other behavioral factors

Our proprietary "renter's score" is calculated and determines whether the application is Approved, Conditionally Approved, or Rejected. Applicants with any issues related to the criteria listed above, may result in Rejection or Conditional Approval. Conditional Approvals may require a co-signer and/or prepaid last month's rent. A few factors will result in Automatic Rejection.

Factors causing Automatic Rejection:
1. False or omitted information on the application
2. Conviction for any violent felony, drug trafficking, or sexual crime. More than 3 convictions (felony or misdemeanor) in last 10 years. Outstanding arrest warrant or pending criminal charges.
3. Net (take home) monthly income less than 2 times the monthly rent and fees total amount, unless a suitable co-signer is provided.
4. A negative rental experience*** (see below) in the last 12 months, more than 1 negative rental experience in the last 5 years, or more than 2 negative rental experiences in the last 10 years.

***A negative rental experience is one that ended badly, including eviction filings, moving without notice, lease broken, lease terminated by landlord, lease violations, an outstanding balance due to a landlord, or a landlord collection.

If you have any questions about our rental criteria or how they would apply to your circumstances, please contact us.