House Rules & Policies

Property Rules & Policies

  • Satellite dishes and antennas are prohibited for all apartment buildings. For houses or townhouses ONLY, a dish may be placed on a pole in the yard behind the building.
  • Any changes to the property, other than hanging curtains or pictures, requires approval.
  • All persons living in the home must be approved and listed on the lease.
  • All vehicles parked on the property must have current registration, be in good working condition (NO broken/missing parts, substandard repairs, or body damage bigger than a baseball) and be parked in a designated parking space. Some properties require a parking permit or have assigned parking spaces. Vehicles not meeting these requirements will be towed at owner expense without warning.
  • Illegal activity is prohibited on the property and is grounds for lease termination.
  • The property must be used as a primary residence and not a business. Home businesses that require customers to visit the property are prohibited.
  • No loitering is allowed in the common areas or on the grounds of the property.
  • No Smoking allowed inside, anywhere in the building. Smoking is allowed on the property as long as it is done at least 20 feet from the building and the smoke doesn't drift into open windows or doors.

  • Exterior doors leading to common hallways and garage doors must remain closed and locked at all times. Doors must not be propped open.
  • At properties with boiler heat, we maintain a temperature within 68deg to 72deg during the winter. Residents who prefer a higher temperature may supplement the heat with a newer "ceramic" type space heater set to "low" and plugged directly to an outlet (no extension cords).
  • Grills, firepits, and other open flame devices are prohibited.

Resident Responsibilities

  • Residents are responsible for changing batteries in the smoke detector(s) and carbon monoxide detector (if any). Disabling of the detectors is prohibited.
  • Residents will be billed for any damage caused intentionally or by negligence, such as flushing anything besides toilet paper or grease/food clogs in the sink.
  • Residents in apartment and townhouse buildings must obey the quiet hours from 10PM to 8AM.
  • Residents are responsible for obtaining Renter' Insurance. Please view more information here.
  • Residents must have all animals and pets pre-approved prior to move-in and conform to the Animal Policy.
  • Residents will be held accountable for the behavior of their guests.
  • Residents are responsible for providing us with current phone number(s) and email address(es). All notices, other than legal notices, will be delivered by email and/or text message.

Rent Payment

  • Payments must be made online (eCheck, debit card, or credit card), with cash or debit card at CheckFreePay locations (Kroger or Walmart), or by paper check or money order mailed to our mailing address. Rent is due on the 1st and late on the 2nd if paid by paper check or money order. No cash accepted. A grace period until the 5th is provided to those who pay online or by CheckFreePay. The postmark date or the date on the check, whichever is later, determines whether the payment is on-time.
  • Payments made by paper check or money order (after move-in) will incur a $10 processing fee.
  • Late fees are $5 per day for apartments and $10 per day for houses and townhouses, calculated from the 2nd.